A sophisticated face ID for the Apple iPhone 2019

The Apple iPhone 2019 will come with a more sophisticated Face ID

Recently there have been the latest leaks from renowned analysts related to the upcoming iPhone 2019, saying that the 2019 iPhone will come with an enhanced Face ID camera system. It is estimated that Apple will use a new sensor that is better at detecting a person's face. The way it works is to minimize the ambient light in order to increase the accuracy of using the Face ID.

In addition, reportedly Apple will also introduce a range-sensing system technology utilizing Time of Flight 3D cameras on the upcoming iPad 2019 or 2020. This system is likely to be embedded by Apple on the upcoming iPhone 2020. Reportedly this type of sensor will be able to measure the time at which a point of light moves between the camera and the subject. Not to forget, this type of sensor will also be able to capture 3D images.

This system is likely to be used for augmented reality experiences or to improve 3D image quality. Kuo also added that this system will also be edited by Apple Pencil on the iPad. While Face ID was first introduced on the iPhone X, using more than 30 thousand infrared points to map the user's face. The Face ID system is capable of working in the dark, but slightly decreases when the lighting conditions are sufficiently bright.

It seems we have to wait some more time to get further leaks related to the upcoming 2019 iPhone and the latest Face ID system. Surely you are curious about what improvements will be embedded in the latest iPhone later?

Apple will present the design of the next iPhone or iPhone 2019 slimmer.

As reported by BGR, in the future the iPhone body will be thinner and slimmer. Because, according to rumors that are developing, Apple is in a partnership with Samsung.
Samsung's Y-Octa technology unites the touchscreen layer with the display panel. With this technology, later the screen components are reduced, so that the shape will be thinner. This technology benefits Apple in terms of production because the price is cheaper.

Besides going to present with a thinner design, the next generation iPhone or 2019 iPhone also appears without bangs.

Apple is reportedly currently discussing with its partners so that the latest iPhone will be available next year

If Apple eliminates notch next year, the company only uses the fairly controversial technology for two years.

The decision is considered to be questionable, considering that Apple has invested a lot of things including the financial and research side to present the notch on the iPhone X last year.

So far, Apple has not issued a statement about the iPhone for the next year or the iPhone 2019. As is known, the company from Uncle Sam's country is known to maintain internal secrets and executives are reluctant to comment on rumors.