New Samsung Galaxy S30

New Samsung Galaxy S30
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the company's most premium smartphone and a very impressive one to date, but Samsung itself is unlikely to stop at the current Galaxy S20 Ultra, for sure there will be another Galaxy that is more Monster. Maybe Samsung will cook for the next Galaxy lineup from the Galaxy 20, namely the Samsung Galaxy S21 or even jump to the Samsung Galaxy S30.
Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has launched, we know Samsung's vision of what a 'premium' phone will look like today - and it gave us a clue of what's in store with the Galaxy S30, which we didn't expect until early 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy S30 devices are sure to be some of the most attractive phones in 2021, so the quality and features are already more developed than the current Galaxy, and we even heard the first early rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S30 leaks and news

We haven't heard too many rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S30, but one thing we do hear is claims that the phone may have an in-display camera, although Samsung seems to be evaluating its feasibility, so it sounds like the technology may not be ready.

We also heard that Samsung is working on a 150MP camera for smartphones that can combine nine pixels into one, for 16MP shots that can take a lot of light.

But we're going to take these claims with the salt side seriously - it's very early for the S30 rumors, the sources have no track record, and even if Samsung is working on those cameras, that's no guarantee we'll see them. it's in the Galaxy S30 range.

As such, claims of a 150MP main camera have resurfaced, with other sources adding that it can be combined with a 64MP telephoto, 16MP ultra-wide, and 12MP macro snapper, plus a depth sensor, for a total of five sensors. . Even if this is accurate, chances are that the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra will have these specs.

Having said that, we recently heard that the Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra will have a 108MP camera (like the S20 Ultra) but with a new and possibly better image sensor. So it's not clear which rumors are correct at this time.

It is heard from one source that the Samsung Galaxy S30 will ditch the time-of-flight (ToF) sensor which is owned by the Galaxy S20. Apparently Samsung has put technology aside to have sensors that can compete with those used by Apple.

It has been backed up by the leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 / S30 Ultra camera. Apparently the device will have a 108MP, 12MP ultra-wide and 40MP main camera, like the S30 Ultra, but with two zoom lenses instead of one, and no Time-of-Flight sensor. This zoom camera is said to facilitate 3x and 5x optical zoom.

Elsewhere, there's also a Samsung patent (below) detailing the design of a smartphone camera with six rear camera sensors. This will include five wide-angle lenses and one telephoto one, and each lens will be tiltable individually, so they can point in different directions.

For further specifications Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S30, please look forward to our next article on this website