How to care for iPhone 12 Pro

How to care for iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone is arguably one of the flagship smartphones in the world. In addition to premium technology, the price is also very fantastic.

The latest smartphone from Apple's own vendor is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Extra careful care is needed so that your iPhone 12 Pro Max phone lasts.

How to care for iPhone 12 Pro

1. Protect the Phone Body with Case and Screen Protector

The first tip to make your iPhone last longer is to use a case and screen protector to protect the iPhone 12 Pro body. This case protects the iPhone from various impacts, especially when dropped or hit by hard objects. The same goes for screen protectors.

Tempered glass or screen protector reduces the risk of the screen breaking or cracking when dropped. Therefore, store your iPhone 12 Pro in a really safe place so that it doesn't fall off easily.

Now, to be more secure, you can use a protective case that is thick and tightly wrapped around your favorite iPhone 12 Pro.

2. Use Original Battery Charger

There are many reasons why iPhone 12 Pro users are advised to use an original charger or charger. This is to avoid a short circuit and keep the battery and iPhone components durable.

Dumb chargers usually don't have a current count that matches the iPhone 12 Pro device. Also avoid charging using low resources such as a power bank or usb charger port.

3. Don't Use iPhone When It's Charging

Operating iPhone 12 Pro while it is charging is prone to short circuits. In addition, charging while doing online gaming activities that are quite heavy can burden the performance of your iPhone battery.

Excessive battery performance can cause the battery to overheat, resulting in a decrease in the quality of iPhone components. The long-term impact is to make the battery drain quickly alias damaged due to power down.

Therefore, turn off the cellphone while charging so that your iPhone battery lasts longer.

How to care for iPhone 12

4. Charge the battery when it reaches 20%

The next tip that you can do in order to maintain the health condition of the iPhone battery is to immediately recharge it when the battery power reaches 20%. It is also recommended that you charge your iPhone 12 to a maximum of 80%, not to 100%.

When charging, remove the protective case to reduce heat on the iPhone 12 device. You can put the case back on when it's finished charging.

5. Use Auto Brightness and Low Power Mode

To save iPhone battery, please use the automatic brightness setting. This setting will make the screen adjust the display brightness based on the light in the room.

Usually in dark places or at night, the iPhone 12 screen will increase the brightness so that the display of text and images on the screen is more clearly visible. Another tip that you can try is to use low power mode to save battery usage.

6. Always Update the iOS System to the Latest Edition

The reason Apple vendors often update the iOS system is to patch security holes that occur and optimize the performance of the iPhone 12 handset. We recommend updating to the latest iOS so that your smartphone has optimal performance and is more durable because it is not easily damaged.

Remember, update your iPhone operating system on the official App Store. There are many dangers lurking in terms of data security if you update not from the official App Store from Apple.

7. Protect iPhone 12 from High Temperature and Water

iPhone 12 is very susceptible to temperatures that are too hot, therefore avoid using this iPhone 12 for too long in a hot room temperature. High temperatures are also the reason why the iPhone 12 battery deteriorates quickly, or even makes your iPhone 12 die suddenly.

Avoid using iPhone in direct sunlight for a long time. Don't use your iPhone while you're in a sauna, or even put your iPhone on the dashboard of a car that's often exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Keep in mind, even though the iPhone 12 is water-resistant, it's best if you keep your iPhone 12 away from water to reduce the risk of damage.

This is because Apple does not accept a water-damaged iPhone warranty. What's more, the longer your iPhone ages, the less effective its waterproof protective or adhesive tape will be.

If that happens, it would be better if you immediately upgrade your iPhone 12 to the latest iPhone series. There is an iPhone 13 Pro Max that you can buy.

8. Regularly Cleaning iPhone 12

The last tip you can do to keep your iPhone 12 durable and not easily damaged is to be diligent in cleaning your iPhone 12 every few weeks. In addition to cleaning the outside or body of the iPhone, also clean the junk files left in the iPhone 12 system.

You can also do a screen refresh every day so that the performance of the iPhone 12 and the screen display remains smooth. Regularly cleaning your iPhone will keep your smartphone looking good and looking good.

You might also want to consider cleaning the charger port or iPhone 12 speaker from dust using a soft brush so that the charging quality and sound from your cellphone speaker remains stable.

Those are some tips for caring for the iPhone 12 so that it is more durable and doesn't get damaged quickly. Remember, take good care of your cellphone from misuse due to falling or being submerged in water because the iPhone warranty does not cover these things. Congratulations on caring for your beloved iPhone!